Saturday, December 6, 2008

Interview with Mary Moses

Mary Moses is a long-time resident of Lower Lawrenceville. We asked Mary to share her story with us:

I have lived in Lawrenceville since I was seven. I must be honest and say that I left when I got married and moved back after my divorce. The years that I did not live here I missed Lawrenceville. I missed city life and being able to walk where I needed to go. It has always been a good place to live. It is convenient for me because I do not drive and can get most places from here in good time.

I have seen changes in the neighborhood and I think that they are terrific. I can walk to many places to eat and shop in my own backyard. We have events both annually and monthly that are interesting and bring people into our neighborhood. I think that events like the house tour, art all night and the cookie tour have really put Lawrenceville front and center.

I really don't like the word "trendy" is sounds too temporary. Like a fad or something. I like "up and coming." We may have been down before but it is getting back to a vital neighborhood. We have many residents with vision and hope for our neighborhood. The possibility of new businesses and neighbors is exciting.

I would like to see more areas for recreation in the neighborhood. I also would like to see improvements that make several places more inviting - green spaces, lighting, open air parklets. We do need a grocery store but it doesn't have to be a traditional grocery store. Trader Joes or Whole foods I think would do fine in Lawrenceville.

I have many memories of life in Lawrencville. I remember when I used to skate on the pond in Arsenal park. I remember going to the movies at the Arsenal theater on Bulter Street. I remember shopping on Bulter Street with my aunt. I don't think that any of these memories are unique but they were my life as a child in Lawrenceville. As an adult in Lawrenceville it was a good place to raise my boys. I got involved in neighborhood groups when I came back to Lawrenceville. It is a way to give back to the neigborhood. As I said before it is and always will be a good place to live.

Thanks to Mary for sharing her story!


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