Friday, January 9, 2009

Spotlight: T's Upholstery

In this "Spotlight" feature, we'll feature one of our local residents, businesses or other community member. We hope this will give you an idea of the wonderful range of people and places you'll find when you visit Lower Lawrenceville.

Our first "Spotlight" features T's Upholstery Studio. T's Upholstery Studio draws in visitors from around the region looking for the best in custom upholstery and more. Inside their beautiful space, you'll have the opportunity to browse plentiful cases, shelves and walls of upholstery and other fabrics as well as a carefully chosen selection of gifts; small, mostly vintage furniture and other goods.

We thought you should know more about T's Upholstery Studio, so here's our interview with Cindy Kaufman:

LoLa: How long have you operated T's Upholstery?
Cindy: Since 1998 when we were located at 4020 Butler Street in Central Lawrenceville.

LoLa: How long have you been in Lower Lawrenceville?
Cindy: We moved to LoLa in 2002.

LoLa: What kind of Upholstery do you do?
Cindy: Residential and commercial in addition to custom building furniture and cornices.

LoLa: What kind of services do you provide to your customer?
Cindy: We provide custom window treatments including curtains, blinds, shades, and plantation shutters.

We also custom make duvets, dust ruffles, tableskirts and throw pillows; basically any type of sewing for the home, office or institutional setting. We offer decorator consultations and are known for our outstanding customer service. We carry a wide selection of designer fabric, trim, and new and vintage furniture and accessories. T's Upholstery Studio is also a great source for gifts: baby, new and vintage china, linens,buttons,and aprons. Tea Forté specialty teas are very popular with our customers and are stocked year round.

LoLa: Why do you think the LoLa neighborhood is becoming such a trend-setting neighborhood?
Cindy: We are so fortunate to have such beautiful architecture to house an eclectic and fashion forward mix of boutiques and cafés clustered within a few easily walkable blocks an Butler Street. The quality of goods sold and food and drink provided make LoLa a trend-setting destination. We are so happy to be a part of it!

You can visit T's Upholstery Studio at 3611 Butler St. Call them at 412.687.1988 for hours and more information.


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